Coming Soon

i5 Stereo Class A Integrated Amplifier

Space has become a premium in todays consumer market, the demand for smaller higher quality audio components is becoming the trend while the days of "big iron" are slowly becoming extinct. Based on the success of BSC amplifiers customer demand has been very high for BSC Audio to build a no compromise class A stereo integrated amplifier. We are responding, a preliminary design for a 35-45 watt class A integrated that shares the very same technology as the S5 Amplifier and L5 Preamplifier is in the works. Keep a look out for the new i5 with a projected release toward the end of Q1, 2017.

Inputs: 2 balanced, 3 single-ended, 1 combo.
Outputs: 1 balanced/ single-ended line level preamp output
Power Output: 35-45 W Class A Output into 8 Ω (will double its output power to 1 Ω)
Input Impedance: To be announced
Output Impedance: To be announced
Gain: To be announced