Service Statement

BSC products are built using the very best military grade or equivilant electrical components and tested thoroughly to ensure the highest level of reliability and stability.

BSC Audio prides itself on customer service, we go to great lengths to make sure questions are answered and advice be of the highest quality, free from sales pressure. We genuinely believe our products are without peer, however it is important that an audio system be the right one for the listener and often that will require advice not specific to BSC Audio but answered through our extensive experience even it meant suggesting a competitive product.

However, in the event your BSC product requires service, rest assured your investment will be taken care of. All BSC Audio products are well documented and modular in design, allowing easy service of circuit boards and, in some cases, individual components.

If any problem with your BSC product should arise, or you have a technical question regarding your BSC product or potential purchase advice, please contact technical support at 203-783-3947 or send an email to

We will be more than happy to walk customers through the proceses required to locate potential faults. In some cases, your authorized BSC Dealer can help with the service of your product and will work with us to provide the correct service approach. If your BSC product requires factory service, a return authorization number will be assigned to you and the defective product sent to our facility for repair. We will make every effort to perform our service operations as quickly as possible.

If you are located outside the U.S.A., the authorized BSC Distributor in your country of original purchase will be responsible for the service on your BSC product. However, service can always be had at the BSC Audio factory.

BSC Audio does not provide circuit diagrams or schematics to any individual that is not directly affiliated with an authorized BSC dealer or distributor. Said documentation will only be provided at the discretion of BSC Audio.